Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I want to get my book on BKL?

Glad you asked! We reach a broad audience by working closely with influencers, including Black Baby Goals, to advertise for us - and in turn, we are advertising for you! Your book will reach tons of potential customers with our network. You feature your book, and we’ll get the word out!

Who ships the books?

You,the author, are in charge of shipping the books out to the customers.

How much is it to have my book on BKL?

There are no upfront costs that we are asking from you, the author! There will only be a 20% transactional fee per sale.

I’d like to get my book on here! How do I do that?

First thing you have to do is: Register! You are then free to post your books and all the additional information a customer would need to know before ordering!


What is the refund policy?

We do not accept refunds or exchanges. If there are any concerns with your order, we'll be more than happy to assist you. Please send us an email at:

How can I recommend a book be added to your catalogue?

For every book you recommend to us, you’ll receive $10 off! Send us an email at:
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